Amazon Web Services Cloud

What is cloud? Cloud is a service, that not in your office premises – Datacenter, Application outside of the office premises and accessible over the internet. Amazon is really a veteran in the cloud space. Amazon is in business for more than 20 years. They created an amazing e-commerce platform that drove superior performance, reliability, quality and top notch security. Amazon came up with the vision that others might benefit from Amazon’s technology stack. Amazon designed AWS as its own business.

Understanding IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service): Implementing IAAS requires some components. Things like-
- Internet Connectivity, Cabling, Power, Servers, Racks, Security, Cooling, IT Expertise, Network Equipment, and Storage.
- The barrier to entry is high in a properly designed system.
- Building a datacenter is like building your own post office. Would you use existing post offices or deliver your mails yourself?
- What about the trust factor? Why should anyone trust a cloud provider?

Some thoughts on doing IT ourself v/s AWS infrastructure-
Ourself                                                  AWS
Massive Up front Cost (CapEx)                              No upfront, pay as you go uber model
Superior tech expertise always available                Technical expertise focused on your apps
IT ownership factor                                              Limited knowledge of infrastructure location
From Ground up design, build, support it               Shared Support, partner relationship with AWS
Big bang Scaling                                                  Elastic Scaling

What is elastic computing?
Elastic computing is a service that provides secure, resizable computing capacity in the cloud. Let's consider we have to scale to thousand servers…and you have got 24 hours to do it. Before elastic computing we had wasted capacity in the in-house datacenter. AWS offers elastic computing. You can increase and decrease the infrastructure depending upon the load. It offers pay as you go model like a utility company. More info:


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